About WRO Friendship Invitational

The WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament in Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark is honoured to host the second WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament in Aarhus, August 1- 4 2019.   

The WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament was invented to give more children and young students the chance to participate in an international event.

An invitational tournament allows us to experiment with new game formats, new surprise rules, new ways of qualifying teams, new ways of collaborating etc. It gives us the opportunity to develop the WRO concept without interfering with the format and challenges that we know to work.

An invitational tournament does not have any formal qualification rules and no TOE. 

Hosting the event is The City of Aarhus, Aarhus TECH and it-forum together with National Organizer eSkills.dk.

For the WRO Friendship Invitational in Denmark 2019 we want the event to focus on:

  • Friendship 
  • Experimenting with new game formats
  • Collaboration challenges
  • International experience 

We hope you will all enjoy the experience and your stay in Denmark.






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