Arrival and pick up of tickets

The WRO Friendship Invitational starts in LEGOLAND, Billund August 1st.

We will do the registration in Billund Airport in the arrival hall just after luggage pick up and custom:

  • July 31st between 4 pm and 8 pm.
  • August 1st between 9 am and 3 pm.

If you do not arrive by plane at Billund Airport you still need to come to the airports arrival terminal to do the  registration and pick up your tickets  etc. Please bring your invoice as this will make the registration easier for us. 

Billund Airport is a 5-minute drive from LEGOLAND and there will be a shuttle bus taking you there on August 1st.

You can leave all your luggage in the shuttle bus as it will be the same bus that will take you to your hotel in Aarhus at 5 pm.

You can also register at the venue in Aarhus on August 2nd. In this case there are no tickets to LEGOLAND.

After the visit to LEGOLAND, busses will drive you from LEGOLAND to your hotel in Aarhus on August 1st.

Departure from LEGOLAND P6 at 17.00 – please be there on time.

The last WRO bus for Aarhus will leave at 17.00 – if you arrive after this time, you will have to take the public bus to Aarhus.



Please be aware that we only offer bus transfer from Billund Airport to Aarhus on august 1st at 17.00 and return on August 4th or 5th. Do you arrive at any other day, or you arrive after 17.00 August 1st.  you will have to arrange for your transfer yourself. There are public busses taking you to Aarhus just outside the terminal.

We do not offer transfer from any other places and on any other dates. Should you arrive at another airport or by bus/car you will need to arrange for the transfer yourself. Contact us if you need advice or assistance for this.

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