Important Information

Please draw your attention to the following information:

  • Please check with your teams, guests and volunteers that they have all received confirmation of their hotel rooms – and that everything is correct.  
  • The schedule for the event has been updated with more details. Please have the teams make themselves familiar with the timetable. Also please note, that we have added extra value to what is included in the registration fee: Dinner Thursday evening at the hotels in Aarhus AND access to the amusement park Tivoli Friheden Friday afternoon with free rides, as the Opening ceremony is going to take place there.
  • The format for the surprise game challenge has been released and we hope the teams will find this fun and challenging. Please make sure that all teams participating in the event are aware of this new format. The surprise challenge will be announced in the morning August 4th.
  • 157 teams are attending the Friendship Invitational Tournament from 33 countries. List of teams with numbers will be announced at the website in July.
  • We have only 20 teams in the Open category in total, as so many teams have cancelled their registration in this category. (WeDo 2, Elementary 2, Junior 9 and Senior 6). We will do all we can to give all the teams an amazing experience and they will get loads of attention from judges and the audience. The numbers for the Regular category are WeDo 30, Elementary 43, Junior 30 and Senior 28.
  • All countries will be contacted shortly and asked to confirm their team names, arrival and departure times etc.
  • Guest registration. We welcome guests and supporters at the event site during the competitions – access is free of charge. For security reasons we have however decided to only allow registered persons access to the building. So if you have guests coming, that have not paid registration fee for accoodation, meals etc.  and thus are not known to us, please send me a list and I will make sure the can have access to the event.
  • Please also repeat to the teams, that we only offer  WRO Airport transfer between Billund Airport and hotels in Aarhus (From Billund to Aarhus only August 1st  – from Aarhus to Billund only august 4th from venue and August 5th from central Aarhus). If teams arrive in any other city or on other dates, they will have to arrange for their own transfer.

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