Judge Information


Introducing our Head Judges

We are very pleased to be able to tell you, that the following persons have accepted to act as Head judges at the tournament.

WeDo: Ms. Karen Bebelaar, Program Manager, WRO Association

Open Category – all age groups: Ms. Mylene Abiva, President /CEO of FELTA Multi-Media Inc., Philippines

Regular Elementary: Mr. Adam Varga, Dayshift Maint. Coordinator, Electrical Engineer BSHM Bridgestone., Hungary

Regular Junior: Mr. Dominic P. Tremblay, Education Consultant in Canada and Trainer with Zone 01 Robotics, Canada

Regular Senior: Mr. Carles Soler, President Fundació educaBOT, Spain

Judge meetings, surprise rule and a new Game format

Please note, that there will be a Judge meeting and training Friday August 2nd from 8.30- 12.00, and a judging test round with the Regular teams from 13.00 -14.15. http://wrodanmark.dk/wrofit2019/schedule/

As usual we will have a surprise rule for Elementary, Junior and Senior. The rule will be announced in the morning August 3rd.

As announced at the website – we will have a new game format for Regular category (Elementary, Junior and Senior – NOT WeDo). Please get familiar with the concept – and we will go through this new format at the Judges meeting on Friday. http://wrodanmark.dk/wrofit2019/new-challenge-format/ The actual new challenge 2019 will be announced in the morning Sunday August 4th – and here there will be an extra Judges meeting from 8.15 – 8.40 explaining the new challenge.

A new scoring system

The association has developed a new scoring system that will be tested at the tournament. Markus and Lukas will be around to test this. We will however still do the scoring manually on paper as usual so that we have a plan B – if technical problems occur ?


Judges will have a t-shirt (for keep) and a vest (not for keep ?)

We aim at 2 judges in a team/at a table and between 8-10 teams at each table in Regular.

There will be a volunteer lounge where judges, hosts and crew can have breaks, coffee, tea and lunch.


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