Local transportation

There will be shuttle busses between Billund Airport and LEGOLAND August 1st

August 1st at 17.00 the busses will leave from P6 taking you to Aarhus.

All our hotels in Aarhus are located in walking distance from venue, this means that you will walk from your hotel to venue every morning – escorted by our “walking-bus-drivers”. There are no WRO busses from hotels to venue. If you for some reason cannot walk the short distance, you will have to take a taxi on your own expense.

Friday afternoon busses will take you from venue to the amusement park Tivoli Friheden for the opening ceremony and Friendship Evening.

Friday evening shuttle busses will take you from Tivoli Friheden to a drop off stop close to your hotel.

Saturday evening after we have served you food – we encourage you to enjoy the Tall Ship Race, that is taking place at the harbor area just beside venue https://thetallshipsraces.aarhus.dk/english/ and make your own way back to the hotel.

Sunday you will either go back to the Airport after the closing ceremony -busses will leave at 2.15 pm – or you will find your own way back to your hotel.

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