New Challenge Format

A New competition format at WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament 2019 – Regular Category 2nd day challenge


For the first time, we will have a new 2nd day challenge for Regular Category at our WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament 2019 in Denmark. Teams can demonstrate their creativity by solving this unknown challenge.

Teams can bring their assembled robot from the 1st day and will get information about the new challenge on the morning of the 2nd day. The 2nd day challenge will use the same game fields as the normal game and will use the same / similar game elements.


3 attempts per team / Scoring

Every team has 3 official attempts to solve the 2nd day challenge. During the “Testing & Attempt time” on the 2nd day the teams can re-build, re-program, test and practice as much as they want. If a team feels that the robot works, they can call a judge to make an official attempt. Then, the judge will score the next robot run and this will count as an official score.


Schedule (August 4th)

Time Activity
08.30 – 08.45

Announcement of 2nd day challenge

The new challenge will be easy to understand. Every team will get the new challenge on paper in English and with illustrations. Team coaches are allowed to translate during the announcement time.

08.45 – 11.30

Testing & Attempt time

During this time, teams can test as much as they want and can call a judge to make one, two or all three official attempts.

11.30 – 12.00

Final attempt time

During this time, teams can make official attempts if they have not used their 3 official attempts yet.


Scoring of Regular Category

The 2nd day challenge plays an important part in the overall scoring of Regular Category teams at the WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament.

The final ranking of the Regular teams is defined by:

  1. Best run from Saturday (normal)
    + Best run from Sunday (2nd day challenge)
  2. Best run from Sunday  (2nd-day challenge)
  3. 2nd best run from Saturday
  4. 2nd best attempt of the 2nd-day challenge:

“Best run” is always defined by:  

  • Highest points
  • If points in all 3 runs (3 runs on Saturday / 3 runs on Sunday) are the same, then the fastest run counts


Questions & Feedback

The 2nd day challenge is a new concept for WRO. We will do this for the first time at the WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament 2019. If you have any questions upfront or feedback afterwards, please feel free to reach out to:

Markus Fleige
Program Consultant, WRO Association


Get a print friendly version of the new challenge format

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